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AlturasModoc.Com can energize the business community through tourism, communication and networking., ultimately increasing the quality of life in Modoc County.
Welcome to AlturasModoc.Com  - As web representatives of our business community, we encourage you to come and visit our friendly community located in Northeastern California. This is California? Yes, but not the California of smog, congestion and crowded amusement parks. This is the California of soaring mountains and bubbling springs, of four distinct seasons and close-knit communities that welcome visitors with open arms. Our favorite recreation, and that of our visitors, is always centered around the crisp air and the gorgeous scenery. Whether you visit us in the winter for skiing or summer for a camping trip, you're bound to leave feeling refreshed. Abundant marshes, forests, plains and lakes provide habitat for a wide range of wildlife in the Alturas area. The Modoc National Wildlife Refuge lies mostly to the south of Alturas and covers thousands of acres of hunting, fishing and observational grounds. "The Smiles of God" is what the Native Americans who first settled this land called the Modoc County area. Rich in history as well as geological formations, you will find important scenic & recreational resources to satisfy the curious minded and outdoor enthusiast alike. Alturas' high desert climate makes for warm, dry summers and cold winters, perfect getaway vacation conditions. Importantly, 70 percent of the county is publicly owned forest and wilderness, open to camping, fishing, cross country skiing and other outdoor pursuits. The county is easily accessible by state route 299 and 139 as well as US Highway 395.

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Modoc County Attractions...

Emigrant Trails Scenic Byway - Modoc County

Modoc Volcanic Scenic Byway

Modoc National Wildlife Refuge

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